Navigating the education system is often a challenge for a child or teen with special needs. To make that road smoother, we have an Educational Navigator, or advocate, available to help you understand your child’s basic rights and guide you on that journey. Areas covered include: Individual Education Plan (IEP), Chapter 14 Regulations, classroom options, testing options, therapies, adaptations, medical accommodations and behavioral support. This person will attend meetings with you, if possible, and answer any questions you might have. Trainings will be ongoing as well as updated links to other valuable educational resources.

The birth of any child is a time filled with questions. Beside the typical “how to feed, bathe and get this child to sleep” concerns, come those more specific to a child born with special needs. Through Arc membership you will have access to other parents and family members who have shared your experience and can help answer your questions or direct you to professionals who can. Whether you have a specific concern or are looking for a program most suited to your child and family, we’re here to help. Click here to learn more about LEADS.

Inclusion is a building block of The Arc of Erie, not only in the educational setting, but in the community as well. We are committed to breaking down barriers and increasing awareness in society, allowing all individuals to achieve their potential. Our children may learn and respond differently, but they still experience joy and achievement as we all do. To promote acceptance and learning, we promote and highlight community programs available throughout the county. From adaptive baseball, soccer, swimming, basketball, dancing, gymnastics and more, there’s lots to do close to home, and we did the searching for you! Take a look at our calendar of events.