Hear from our special education advocate:

It’s been nearly two years since I began working as a special education advocate serving children with special needs.  In that time, I’ve worked with more than 100 families with children in both the Erie City and County schools. I’ve learned so much about the challenges of raising special needs children and how frustrating it can be for parents to attempt to navigate their way through special education on their own.  I’ve also listened to how those same challenges are present to educators, staff and administrators in those schools.  Special Education is HARD WORK, but it’s also incredibly rewarding when schools and parents truly partner to meet the needs of the child.

That’s my job….to bring the parents and the school to the table with only ONE goal in mind: to create and implement an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) that truly meets the needs of the child and allows that child to thrive and grow as a WHOLE person. My respect for those on both sides of the table complements the spirit of collaboration that’s necessary for success.

I absolutely LOVE my job and would love to hear from you if you need any help navigating your way through the special education process for your child.  All you have to do is call our office at: 452-4865.  The Arc does not charge for special education advocacy. All that we ask is that families seeking help become a member of The Arc and you can do that right here on our website!

Sheryl Sweeney

Sheryl Sweeney-new

Advocate for The Arc of Erie