20160530_094207LEADS is a support group for individuals and families touched by an intellectual disability supported by the Arc of Erie. LEADS stands for Lake Erie Area Disability Support group.  We welcome everyone! We are passionate and dedicated to encouraging the unlimited potential of children and adults with an intellectual disability throughout the Erie Area.

Our Mission
“To celebrate, empower, and support those touched by a disability to create an inclusive community.”

New Parents
Welcome! If you are a new parent or expectant parent then congratulations and we are so happy you found us. Undoubtedly you have a lot of questions about how to best care for your child. LEADS is here for you! If you would like to speak to a parent of a child with a disability please contact us by email.

You can find LEADS on Facebook too!
We have a closed Facebook group for parents of children with disabilities called Pocket Full of Sunshine. The group is closed in order to create a safe space where parents can ask questions, seek advice, discuss experiences unique to raising a child with a disability, or just vent! If you are a parent please feel free to find us and request to join the group.

Family Support 
Throughout the year we offer family support meetings which are opportunities for families to meet others who have similar interests and are seeking peer support. At these meetings we relay community events of interests as well as discuss local resources for families touched by a disability. We often have guest speakers discussing topics of interest. These meetings not only serve as an outlet for support but are an important and powerful way to give back to other LEADS families by providing guidance from your own personal experiences. Our meetings begin in September and go through April. We do not meet in December due to the holidays.

Play Dates
Children work on motor development, social skills, and build self esteem during play dates as well as have fun! Please consider joining us on one of our LEADS play dates.